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こすりつけられ、削られて、短くなった鉛筆はギャラリーの中央に集められ、その使用した本数がキャプションの〈 本の鉛筆〉の空白部分に書かれ、更新されてゆく。




Meaningless / Using (   ) Pencils, 2011


I rubbed the gallery wall with graphite pencils.


White pictures frames were hung between the spectator and the performer (me). By seeing my performance through the white frames, the viewer perceptively transforms the wall drawing into a framed image.


The pencils are used til their length becomes too short to use. Instead of discarding these pencils, I collect them in a pile at center of the gallery space. As their quantity increases, I document this number as a caption displayed beneath them.


Within this performance, I investigate how viewers form meaning from both the meaningful and meaningless. I am uncertain about the transmission of information between the artist, artist’s work, and the viewer. Is it possible to think of a meaningless thing and maintain its meaninglessness through visual means?

限りなく無意味に 本の鉛筆


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