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展示会場には、「follow me!」と書かれたQRコードだけが、額装されて飾られている。





食欲が満たされる時  「食うなう」

睡眠欲が満たされる時 「寝るなう」

性欲が満たされる時  「するなう」



The 3 Biggest Human Desires; Food, Sex and Sleep, 2011


On view at the exhibition space there is only a QR code that states “follow me”. By reading the code through a participant’s mobile device, he/she can access “Kohei Sekigawa’s Twitter” feed.


“Kohei Sekigawa’s Twitter” is used with strict adherence to rules associated with a human’s “Three Major Desires” for the duration of the exhibition. The rule is clear. I tweet the phrase “I feel desire” when I feel desire in real time.


I tweet "Now I satisfied my desire for food", when I satisfied my appetite.
I tweet "Now I satisfied my desire for sex", when I satisfied my sexual desire.
I tweet "Now I satisfied my desire for sleep", when I satisfied my fatigue.


I summarized the words people use to explain their emotions into only three desires.

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