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Device, Process, and Result for Making a Painting, 2013


A Device for Making a Painting is a performance comprised of two participants and a working table that enables the creation of a silk-screened print. Two print makers face each other across this working table and partake in a traditional Japanese board game called “GO”.  As each player has a turn, they silk-screen their strategic move on the table. 


Process for Making a Painting is a short video filmed from an aerial viewpoint of the working table. It documents GO as the game is in progress.


Results for Making a Painting is a series of silk-screened prints resulting from different games and opponents.


By allowing another person to participate within my performance, I present a variable in the game, which allows for the creation of different outcomes. In other words, the way of making images is directly influenced by the results of the game. I am interested in the birth of an unexpected result in addition to new ways of making images.

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